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URL Encoder / Decoder

Enter the text that you wish to encode or decode:

What is a URL Encoder / Decoder tool?

The "URL Encoder/Decoder" tool is like a secret code translator that helps you encode or decode messages in a special way.

When you use the URL Encoder part of the tool, you can enter a message, and it will convert certain characters or symbols into special codes. It changes the message into a format that can be safely transmitted over the internet without any issues. This is particularly useful when dealing with special characters that have specific meanings in URLs, such as spaces or certain symbols.

On the other hand, the URL Decoder, part of the tool does the opposite. If you have a coded or encoded message, you can enter it into the decoder, and it will convert the codes back into their original characters. It helps you understand the message that was encoded using the URL Encoder.

How the URL Encoder / Decoder tool works?

Enter any string of text in the text box which you want to encode or decode and click 'Submit' button to view the results.



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